The importance of making a Will

May 2016

Nobody wants to think about dying or what might happen to their assets when they are gone however, if you do not  make a will, you could  leave behind huge  problems for your already bereaved family and friends.

Making a will is important – you can ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death.

Family structures today are often more complicated than in past years –  a lot of families now consist of step parents and children, couples who do not marry or may enter into civil partnerships or an older couple may have children from previous relationships whom they want to protect or leave assets to. Also due to the increase in property values and other wealth, some people have a lot more to leave than they possibly realise!

Whilst it is all too easy to choose a cheap option and by a Will kit online or from a stationers, the importance of seeking proper advice and guidance on who to leave your nest egg or family jewels to cannot be over emphasised.

Take care over making a will, speak to someone who can help you understand the tax liabilities and complexities of property ownership.

There are various legal consequences of dying without a Will –(known as dying intestate) and these depend on whether you are married, in a civil partnership, co-habiting partners, if you have children/step children, or whether you have other surviving relatives who may in fact be able to claim on your estate. The only way to avoid all sorts of complications which can arise once you have departed are to make a Will!

A badly written will can cause financial and emotional stress and strain on family and friends at a time of deep sadness  – make things easier by talking to us about how we can assist you in making your first Will or updating your existing Will – its not as expensive as you may think!

Don’t leave your family jewels or hard earned cash to chance!

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